Jerry Jones once again explains why he’s the Cowboys GM

jerry jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did an interview with ESPN today and once again broke down why he has his hands in so many of his teams affairs while many owners take a hands off approach.

Jones was asked why he doesn’t split delegate his responsibilities.

“For years when I first got involved….the discipline that I came from said…the owner was on the floor where the product was being built or where it’s being sold then he was really  paying attention to things.  It’s just a question of communication.  It implies though that that same person,  I’m not going to talk in third party,  that I may call the decisions which has never been the case, ever.  I respect so much our coaches input, our input from our scouting department, our input from our….from every constituence that we have,” said Jones.

Jones also went on that say that he’s replaced six head coaches as the owner of the Cowboys and that he’s never had to replace a general manager and that keeps some of the continuity.

What Jones fails to realize is that as much as he might love the continuity of himself as the Cowboys general manager,  it’s produced zero Super Bowl titles.




  • mrturophile

    Zero Super Bowl titles? C’mon. Everybody knows they won 2 under Jimmy Johnson and another under Switzer. Jerry Jones was the GM then too. You have to do better than that.

  • sir_quasar

    Everybody also knows that those teams were Jimmy’s…you and I could have been the GM with the same results. Every Super Bowl and playoff win since those years are Jerry’s…