Jerry Jones not embarrassed by his team’s performance because of his beautiful stadium

jerry jones

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters that he wasn’t embarrassed with the way his team performed this season because of his gorgeous stadium.

Of course Jones wants his team to win, but as long as Jerry World is standing,  he’ll continue to make hand over fist year after year. I’m sure the money he brings in softens the disappointment he feels each season.

[ Black Sports Online ]

  • Anonymous

    AHHH GEEZZZZ WHAT A MORON why not call the fans SUCKERS ,,

  • Jeff

    I am 53 and have been a Cowboys fan since I was 5 , while living in NH , Mass , Fla , Ga , Co and SC
    Every year of late I try to quit being a fan but like a junkie I return to watch a medling owner , act as the worst GM in the history of the NFL , put together one weak team after another.
    A .500 team over the last decade !!
    If this comment about the stadium is true then I might have finally found the methadone I need …..

    Bring on the Panthers !!??