Jerry Jones doesn’t sound very optimistic about the Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was very confident that his team was a Super Bowl contender just last week.  Now that linebacker Sean Lee is out for the year, he doesn’t sound very optimistic heading into ths week’s game against the Giants.

“Against this team, regarded by many and arguably the best team in the NFL, we wanted all hands on deck,” Jones said, via the Star-Telegram. “It is disappointing not to have two players of that caliber.  I’ve said all along I think this team has an opportunity to be a contender but the one exception that I made was … sitting as we’re sitting right now health wise, injury can make a difference and does in the NFL. It’s been my experience when you do have a situation like this, others will step up. Others on the field at different positions will compensate.”

There’s no doubt that Lee is a heck of a player, but the NFL is all about the next man stepping in and getting the job done.  I think the Cowboys will be just fine.


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