Jerry Jones doesn’t care that his team is perceived as “hollywood”

jerry jones

Former Dallas Cowboys players and coaches that now work and play for the Bears didn’t care for the Hollywood feel of being a part of the Cowboys organization.

“It’s a little bit more like Hollywood,” former Cowboys and current Bears special-teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis said per  “[H]ere it’s a little bit more, probably a little tamer.  But they’re both great organizations, and both have had a lot of storied tradition and championships.  That’s the main thing.”

Jay Ratliff likes that he can just focus on football in Chicago opposed to Dallas.

“Here, it is all about football,” Ratliff said of the Bears.  “You can really just focus on your craft.  Focus on what it is you do.  And no matter what’s going on, you never forget what you’re here for.  That’s a good thing.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t agree.

“I don’t know how I would take exception with their perception,” Jones said Friday on 105.3 The Fan Dallas/Fort Worth.  “They get those checks to play football. . . . I understand. I have heard that since I bought the franchise that the Cowboys were about glitz and glitter. . . . The glitz and glitter though have got to be able to kick their you-know-what on the football field or it doesn’t make it fun anymore.”

Bears tight end Martellus Bennett says he’s “Hollywood.”

“I mean, I’m a Hollywood person,” Bennett said, via Wright.  “I would agree with [DeCamillis and Ratliff].  Since I’ve been born, I’ve been meant to be on Disney.  But they don’t really like to take too many kids from the ‘hood and put them on Disney nowadays.”