Jerry Jones concerned about Dez Bryant’s conditioning

Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes that wide receiver Dez Bryant hasn’t been able to reach his full potential so far in his career because of a possible lack of conditioning.

“I don’t know that [injuries] impacted some of the things that he needs to work on, and we need to work on as a coaching staff to get him the ball and get him into plays,” Jones said. “When he would lose concentration in the last part of the game, I don’t know if that was because of conditioning. I suspect it could’ve been. That’s not be critical, but I suspect that, rather the injury had anything to do with that or not, those are the things that we’re working on so he can be more impactful in the latter part of the game, and we can do the kinds of things we need to do to get him the ball.”

I get the feeling that Bryant hasn’t completely dedicated himself to being a great NFL player.  If he worked as hard as a player like Larry Fitzgerald, then he’d be almost unstoppable.

At the end of the day, Bryant must stay healthy and be the game changer week in and week out that the Cowboys need him to be.