Jerry Jones commands his coaches to change the offense for rookie TE Gavin Escobar

With both Anthony Fasano and Martellus Bennett not working out over the past several years, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told his offensive coaches that they will change the offense to feature both Jason Witten and rookie tight end Gavin Escobar.

“You saw him coming,” Jones said, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “No are we all resolved to doing it different relative to injecting that influence in this offense? Don’t come in here with same old same old.”

Jones continued: “I took a roll call and said if we got this route with the tight end we are going to shake it up around here relative to what we are doing. It’s going to be different. I joked we are going to pass the paper around and we are all going to sign it. We are going to be different.”

Jones also blames Bennett for the fact that he didn’t excel in Dallas.

“Some of the things that we tried to do with Martellus but we just couldn’t get it done, we couldn’t get it working,” Jones siad. “We had packages we worked on for weeks out here just to get packages in, and he didn’t show. That sounds negative toward him, but he didn’t show. Having said that, we welcome the opportunity to add a tight end, a New England-type emphasis player, and can this quarterback have both of him? He sure can.”


  1. Anonymous says

    obviously another media hyped idiot who thinks Jerry Jones makes every fricken decision. the last 2 comments hit it on the nail what a joke. but that’s writers for you they will spin the truth into a golden lie.

  2. Anonymous says

    Kindergarten owner with 3 superbowel wins. Would have been more if the Nationally Scripted Football League left them alone.

  3. Anonymous says

    Wait a second Fasano was awesome. Jerry needs to change the culture around Valley Ranch, by firing the General Manager. He or Stephen cannot evaluate NFL talent nor coaches. Garrett is a joke at best. This draft proves that. The last 6 drafts have ended all speculation, as to who built the Cowboys, when Jimmy Johnson was coach.

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