Jerry Jones: Bills fans don’t need to worry about their team moving

Tim Graham of The Buffalo News caught up with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and asked him if the Bills can remain relevant without a new stadium.

“Yes, I do, very much,” Jones said this morning. “I not just approve of it, but I’m really excited for the league that we’ve got the recent improvements negotiated.

“That’s going to be very important to the Bills and their fans. They have a great tradition, a great legacy, and that stadium will certainly have the capacity and will not be a handicap for the Bills to compete over the next several years.”

The NFL owners recently approved the Bills’ new 10-year lease to stay in Western New York.

“The thing that Bills fans ought to know,” Jones said, “is there are a handful of other cities as well that look to Los Angeles and say, ‘Should the fact the NFL doesn’t have a team out there concern us?’

“I think that’s an obvious thing to think about, but if I were a Bills fan I would feel good about the recent negotiation and remodeling of the stadium.”


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