Jerry Jones asks Tony Romo critics, who would you rather have at quarterback?

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is one of the most heavily scrutinized players in the NFL.  His critics had more ammunition after Romo threw a fourth quarter interception during the Cowboys’ week 17 match up with the Redskins that would ultimately decide who won the division and clinched a playoff berth.  The interception ended up costing the Cowboys the game.

“Tony is so much on the page with us,” Jones said on the NFL Network, via the Dallas Morning News. “He’s naturally a glass half-full guy, so he’s fired up about what we can do. I’ll tell you this, I really would hate to be sitting here talking about getting better, and starting fresh at quarterback and not having Romo. He’s a big part of what we got to go with. He gets criticized and I always say, ‘Good, now tell me who you want me to have there at quarterback? Go pick that guy for me for the next game. Go get a better one right now.’ Do they just come out here and you can just take one home with you?”

Jones does make s good point.  It’s very hard to find a quarterback as great as Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, not to mention a player as talented as Romo.


  • Slim

    Listening to Jerry he only talking to himself. No one wants to hear what he has to say about his baby Tony NO! NO!.

  • Marcus Taylor

    I like Tony Romo, but he has never won a playoff game. In big game he always chockes. I’m a cowboys fan, and I think he’s had enough years to prove himself, it’s time to move on and trade him why he is still worth something. It’s time to rebuild either trade for a QB, or draft one. Aren’t you tired of disappointment, Romo is a good regular season QB but he can’t get it done in big games!!!

    • Preston

      Actually, Tony is 1-3 in the playoffs.

      • Luminator

        Dallas is 1-3 with Romo in the playoff. If anyone actually watch the playoff game against Seattle, you will recall that in the second half the Dallas defense gave up a TD after giving up 2 fourth down conversions on a long drive. Later in the 4 quarter, the defense got called for pass interference at the Dallas 1 yard line. The Dallas defense held, but when the offense got the ball, Terry Glenn was tackled in the end zone for a safety. Later in the 4th quarter, as a result of the safety Seattle got the ball back at mid field, 4 plays later the Dallas defense gave up a 37 yard TD. How is this loss on all on Tony miss handling the snap. Everyone forgets the details and only remembers that botch snap. In the next playoff game against the Giants, late in the game with less then 2 minute left in the game, Dallas is inside the Giant 25 yard line and receivers fail to catch passes. Tony game them a chance to win, but it did work out. From my perspective, Tony has only been in one playoff loss that was a complete blow out against the Eagles. The season finale for winning the division against the Giants and Redskins in the past two season, could have been less meaningful if the Cowboys had one a couple of winnable games earlier in the season. By the way, there is no win and loss column in the NFL quarterback statistics. One for all and all for one.

    • Luminator

      Tony did not lose all those games alone, he had help or lack of help from the rest of the team too. People only remember how the QB played and dismiss how the rest of the team contribute to wins and loses. From my perspective, Romo has never played with a solid group of players on offense and the defense has struggled for years. Unlike the days when Aikman and Staubach played, they had perennial all stars on offense and defense for their teams. As I recall in all the big games there were defensive and offensive players that did not out perform Romo either. Blaming all loses to a quarterback is misleading, unfair, and shortsighted. Before making half wit comments about Romo, consider reading or watching all those big games again and then tell us who else on the team contributed to the loses.

  • Doug Hammond

    There is a reason surgeons don’t operate on their children and attorney’s don’t represent themselves or family members. The Dallas Cowboys are ran by a fan, not a professional football man. Listen to Jerry talk…he tries to sound like a coach or a real GM, but in reality he is doing surgery on his child and doing more harm than good!! One line in the Hippocratic oath that Jerry fails at: “I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone”.

    When people make emotional, non intellectual decisions, they fail at a greater rate than successful people succeed!! Jerry is a brilliant businessman and knows how to market and sell a product, but has no more business being a GM than I do. I won’t evaluate Tony Romo or any player, because I don’t sit in on film sessions and don’t know how many times Tony has made poor decisions or a route was blown or the play was designed poorly! Jerry does, but due to his emotional connection, he makes poor and emotional decisions over and over. Since Al Davis died, Jerry has become the biggest laughingstock in the NFL but will never see or admit it! I have been a Cowboy fan for my entire life and will always be, but I have no confidence that they will ever win again, until the Jones family goes back to the cabin in the hills of Arkansas where they truly belong!!!

    If Jerry were to read this I know what he would say because I’ve heard a 1,000 times. He would ask me in that smug voice he gets when he becomes defensive ” I guess you didn’t like those three Super Bowl wins in the 90’s and we did the same things then we are doing now”….I loved them, but no you’re in denial Jerry! Jimmy Johnson built that team while you counted jocks and socks!! Please SELL the Cowboys to an owner or become an owner like Clint Murchison…the greatest owner in the history of Pro Sports!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jerry, as a business man, you know ratings are dropping and money is lost. A proven winner under pressure at the college level or pro level of football is out there. It is a game of winning. I know I am stating the obvious. Tony Romo is another Danny White. You can not put enough good people around him in a pressure game to make him not have to deal with pressure at this level of football. Please continue your changes because you are RIGHT. WE NEED CHANGE NOW !!

  • SAM

    Well said.

  • Anonymous

    I too have been a “COWBOYS” fan for more than fifty years. Jones really shows his intellect!! Any reasonably intelligent person would long ago tired of embarrising themselves in front of the whole world andhired someone (Parcells) to run the team and left them alone!! He is so narcisstic he can’t quit showing the world hoe “STUPID” he really is (Victorias Secret in the stadium!). He decimated the O-line, got rid of how many all-pros. A coach that has never been a head coach at any level! A quaterback that has his picture in the dictionay next to the word “choke”!! I have a dream often of waking up worth a trillion. The first thing I’d do is buy up all hid notes, leveraging him out!!!! By the way Jerry…”Belinda” in W.F. says hello…she misses you!!! But W.F. doesn’t!!!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone think JJ would hire a GM with his track record for the past 15 years ?

  • Luminator

    Jerry Jones is worst than a drama queen. He always creates a situation that can bring him to the center of attention and then feeds off the bacteria that the media generates. When things go wrong, Jerry has the creativity to blame others for his mistakes.

  • lionel cunningham

    As a life long cowboy fan i really cant stand how they try to compare Tony Romo.To the likes of Troy Aikman and Rodger Stauback really. Six super bowls to non what compairisons,Get a freakin clue.

    • Luminator

      Lionel, you are so right but you need another clue. There is no comparison between different quarterbacks from different eras with different team composition. If Staubach and Aikman were playing with Dallas today, only Staubach has a chance to win. And even in Roger’s heyday, he had a couple of serious injuries. Aikman with his lack of mobility (similar to Bledsoe) would have been replaced after 2 seasons. If fact, as the Triplets died down, Troy was mediocre. Everyone likes to criticize Romo for not coming thru in 6 big games. Staubach had the Doomsday defense supporting him and Aikman was part of the Triplets. Romo has played under more intense scrutiny and pressure (that is why Tony is also known for extending plays-pocket always breaks down) and less talent on offense and defense. There is no fool proof method to compare QB because its a team game, not an individual game. If you want to compare wins and losses. Roger also lost in 6 big games too, 2 Superbowls, 2 NFC Championships, and 2 playoff games. Aikman lost in 4 big games, 1 NFC Championship and 3 playoff games. Staubach and Aikman had much more talent and perennial pro bowl and hall of fame players on their teams. Today’s Dallas team is lucky to have 1 or 2 pro bowl players over the past decade and probably Jason Witten as the only consistent player year in and year out. You guys are unreal and are missing the whole point. Its a team sport! You win when all the pieces come together to form a cohesive unit. Can anyone tell me if the current Dallas team has the right mix of talent and cohesiveness to win as a unit? I guess NOT!

  • Anonymous

    It’s time for Tony to make a decision. Tony, you’ve made all the money you should ever need. Do you really want to spend your entire productive years where you will never wear a ring. Or can you find a team that you can prove that your stats aren’t just made up useless comodity fodder. Grow a pair and make your carreer choice mean some thing instead of waiting for jj to fix it for you. IT’S NOT gonna happen if you don’t take action!!

  • Luminator

    C’mon Man! Tony played with cracked ribs in 2011. During the 2011 season, Dallas had chances to win against the Jets, Lions, Pats, Cards, and Giants in 5 of the 8 losses. In 2012, Dallas had chances to win against the Raven, Giants and Saints, but blew all those close games late in the game or in OT. Dallas is on the brink of success and it is not all on Romo to overcome how bad the rest of the team plays. The Dallas defense played worst in 2012 than 2011. Is it really Romo or is it really a bad defense that cannot create turn overs and cannot stop opponents from scoring? If Tony had the Bears defense supporting him everyone would be playing a different tune about Romo. Unfortunately, you have to dance with whoever brings you to the dance. Lately, aside from Witten and Romo, no one else on the team has stepped up to dance with the “stars” to make up the difference. Romo is fine in Dallas. If you all recall the early 70s with Roger, Dallas could never win the big game. Then along came Dorsett and the Doomsday defense. Viola! Success…. During the 90s along came the Triplets and a Ferocious fast defense. Viola, success again! Every Dallas fan should be asking, what has the current team done in the past 15 years? No Doomsday, no Ferocious defense and no Tony Dorsett or Emmitt Smith caliber players racking up NFL rushing titles. You guys can’t handle the truth! You find it easy to blame Romo, sitting in your arm chairs without taking full responsibility for not paying attention to the game in it’s entirety. It is a team game, not a one player game with Romo at every position.