Jerry Jones agrees that the Giants have been “whupping” the Cowboys


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones can’t help but agree with Giants linebacker/defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka that they’ve been “whupping” the Cowboys over the past few seasons.

“I agree with him, and the only thing I’m saying is that I’ll never get used to it,” Jones told USA Today Sports.

“It is tough (being) on the outside looking in,” Jones said of the Giants’ Super Bowl titles. “That’s the way I felt when I got in the NFL as an owner. I didn’t want to be on the outside, looking in.

“The Giants are an inspiration … it is opening the NFL season in front of such a high-profile forum … the Wednesday night game … all of that is there. We have that kind of respect for them. I don’t shy away or back off from saying, ‘Hey, guys you’ve got what I would have liked to have had.’

“I want to do whatever we can do to try and get some of it.”

I will give Jones some credit, at least he isn’t completely delusional and realizes that his team hasn’t been on the same level as the Giants.  I honestly don’t see things changing when both teams face off next Wednesday.

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