Jermichael Finley’s agent rips Aaron Rodgers

Blake Baratz, the agent of Packers tight end Jermichael Finley doesn’t seem like the wisest man around after ripping both Bears quarterback Jay Cutler as well as Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“Jay Cutler, u serious in ur press conf last night?U sound like a 6 yr old who just had his animal crackers taken. Quit being a [expletive], own up,” Baratz tweeted, adding: “There’s a major difference & drop off in leadership from Manning, Brees, Brady, to the next best QB’s in the league. Cutler doesn’t get it.”

When asked why he didn’t include Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on his leadership list, Baratz tweeted:

ARod is a great QB he isn’t a great leader. There’s a major difference. Leaders take the blame & make every1 better. He doesn’t.

I can agree with Baratz’s assessment of Cutler, but for him to even go out and rip the quarterback that throws the ball to his client isn’t smart.  Finley wouldn’t have a Super Bowl ring if it wasn’t for Rodgers’ leadership on the field.  So for Baratz to bash Rodgers is ridiculous

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  1. Mike in Georgia says

    Wow, really, did he say this out loud! Well it may be true but that is not smart or business savvy to make public…perhaps he should take public speaking classes or marketing classes while his client works on catching passes and not deflecting blame to others.

    Hey Jermichael, need an intelligent man with a degree in Accounting to take over for you. I speak quite well and think first before doing so. If so, contact this website and get in touch…I’ll do it for 1/2 of what he is charging…and you’ll actually make money!

  2. Anonymous says

    If Rodgers gets hurt, who is going to lead them, Graham Harrell. He gets one snap on the goal line and fumbles it. Tim Tebow would on a bad day is better than Harrell on his best.

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