Jermichael Finley wants to remain a Packer but is willing to leave

jermichael finley

Green Bay Packers’ tight end Jermichael Finley is set to be cleared for contact in about a month. Soon after on March 11th Finley will also become a free agent. Via an interview with ProFootballTalk, Finley says he would be willing to leave the Packers.

For what’s worth, Finley says he wants to stay a “Packer for life.”

“I said it once before, I want to be a Packer for life,” Finley said. “But we all know this is a business and the Packers are going to take it as a business but at the same time, I was playing at a high level when I got injured.  But at the end of the day, I can go give any team what they need and take them to the Promised Land, I can guarantee you that.”

He also, however, says there’s a couple of other teams he could picture himself on, specifically one that is still playing this Sunday.

“I mean there’s a couple of teams I would love and would be on the first flight out to play with but like I said the Packers are going to come at me with something and I’m going to go to them first and see what they’ve got and if it’s not I would love to be on the first flight out to good old Seattle,” Finley said.

It’s funny how Finley feigns loyalty and says he has no problem leaving the Packers all in one interview. The very talented Finley has had troubles with dropping passes and is coming off an injury many thought would end his career so it will be interesting to see what Green Bay does in this situation.