Jermichael Finley now working out with Tim Tebow after blasting him in 2011

Free agent NFL tight end Jermichael Finley blasted Tim Tebow back in 2011 in the midst of Tebow-mania.

“He’s telling everybody what they want to hear,” Finley said. “You see him and he’s patting everybody on the back saying, ‘You’re going to make this catch. I promise because God said,’ and he makes it happen. Stuff like that. It confuses people.”

Finley also said that Tebow would be exposed.

“People that don’t know the game outside of the fans, of course they’re going to hype it up,” Finley said of Tebow-mania. “But guys that see a good player and a good quarterback, they know what kind of guy he’ll be down the road when he gets exposed. Everybody who knows the game knows what kind of player Tebow is going to be.”

Now Finley is working out with Tebow as both players work towards getting back into the NFL.

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