Jeremy Maclin may not want to sign an extension right now

Dan Graziano of doesn’t believe Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is in a rush to sign an extension and the Eagles may not be either.

I don’t think Jeremy Maclin is very interested in talking about a contract extension with the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason, and I wouldn’t be if I were him either. You’d rather negotiate after one of your best seasons if you can (See: Cruz, Victor), and Maclin was kind of just-OK in 2012. So even if the Eagles wanted to lock him up, which it doesn’t appear they feel much pressure to do at this time, it’s unlikely they’d find a deal they both liked right now. I spoke with Maclin at minicamp, and I think he’s quite comfortable with the idea of betting his chances of a long-term deal on this coming season.He knows the Eagles have enough cap room to sign him long-term if they want to, and he believes enough in his own ability that he thinks his best play is to have a big year and cash in, sort of the way Flacco did as you say. It’s risky, since he could get hurt and the Eagles’ quarterback situation may not lend itself to big numbers for the receivers. But at this point, that’s where Maclin is with it, and I think he’ll head to free agency once this year is over. I also think he’s a good enough player that it wouldn’t be a surprise for him to have the big year he believes he can have.

Maclin should wait until after this coming season to work on an extension with the Eagles.  It’s time for him to prove to them that he’s worth the big money that every NFL player dreams of.  If he keeps improving as a player, he could turn out to be a better all-around receiver than DeSean Jackson.

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