Jeremiah Trotter blasts Andy Reid’s coaching ability

During a roundtable discussion on  Mike Missanelli’s Football Roundtable on 97.5 The Fanatic, former Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter ripped former Eagles head coach Andy Reid.

“If it came down to both teams were even, talent-wise, I think the opponent’s team would win if it came down to coaching. Andy Reid got out-coached in a lot of games, man, a lot of big games. Time outs, running the football, you know,” said Trotter, via

Trotter was critical of Reid’s in-game decisions.

“As a defense, we understood we passed the ball too much,” Trotter said. “You know, there’s times we’re sitting over there like, ‘Man, listen. Just get us a couple of first downs so we can get a break.’ And I’m sure it frustrated Jim Johnson also.”

“On a scale of one to 10, 10 being great,” Trotter said, “I give (Reid) a seven-and-a-half or eight as a coach.”

You have to appreciate Trotter’s honesty.  There are plenty of people who would agree with him.



  1. John Poland says

    Trotter is being TOO Nice to his Former Coach..Reid used the mentality when in big play situations of
    ” No one thinks I am Crazy enough or Stupid enough to Do THIS” But after all those years doing that..They Expected that from him ..And these past 2 years it Reall showed..And it will where he coaches Next Too !!

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