Jeff Ireland admits he called a fan an “a—hole”

Earlier we mentioned a report about Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland  calling a fan an a–hole during Sundays Dolphins-Raiders game.

Ireland has now come out and admitted that he made mistake.

Ireland, the subject of several fan protests over the last year, admitted Tuesday that he used a mild expletive with a fan in the club level at Sun Life Stadium during halftime after multiple fans called into radio station 104.3 The Ticket today with details of the run-in.

“It did happen at halftime. I was going back to my booth after seeing my wife and I did talk to several fans that were very nice. But as I’m walking back this person introduced himself to me and made a comment to me.

“It caught me off guard. I just turned and walked away but I did say something I regret. I thought I was saying it to myself under my breath, but I must have said it loud enough that he could hear it. At the time I felt I handled the situation privately, but I probably spoke a little too loud. I regret that I said anything.”

Of course nothing will happen to Ireland as a result of his immaturity and stupidity.

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