Jay Gruden has spoken with Joe Gibbs

jay grudenAccording to the DC Sports Bog,  new Redskisn head coach Jay Gruden has already been in contact with former Skins coach Joe Gibbs.

“Jay called me and I had to chance to talk to Jay on the phone — he and Bruce called,”Gibbs told 106.7 The Fan last week. “I think it’s one of the greatest times in your life. I told him, I said I think the first time I got that job, I don’t think I slept for three days. You’re so wired, you know what I mean? It’s a great experience.”

“I wouldn’t try to give him advice,” Gibbs told NBC Washington. “The only things I said to him — I got a chance to talk to him on the phone — I said Jay, hey, you’ve got the greatest job in the world first of all, with the greatest fan base. And, I told him, I think with one of the great owners that’s gonna prove out. Dan will do anything to help you win….And so those are the things I tried to share with him. I wouldn’t try to talk to him anything about technical football. I know he’s thrilled with the job, and we’re all, as Redskins fans, gonna be pulling and cheering as hard as we can.”