Jay Gruden: I’ve seen RG3 do everything

jay grudenRedskins head coach Jay Gruden believes Robert Griffin III can fit into any offensive system.

“It’s fun to have a guy like Robert because I think there’s really not much that I can throw at him that he can’t do. I think he can do it all,” Gruden said last week at the NFL owners meetings, via The Washington Post.

“I think I’ve seen him do everything. I’ve seen him be successful in quick game. I’ve seen him be successful from time to time in drop-back game. I’ve seen him roll out and make throws. I’ve seen the play action. I’ve seen the read option. Not many quarterbacks are very good on third and nine or 12. That’s very difficult time to be in, so we probably need to work on that one – but everyone does. When you see the success he’s had in different parts of the game, as far as being a normal drop-back quarterback – he’s done that. Option quarterback – he’s done that. But it’s now just a matter of packaging them all together and try to find out the best ways to attack whatever defense we’re playing.”

Gruden doesn’t want Griffin III to overwork himself this offseason.

“I know he’s a very smart guy and he can handle everything mentally, so, my fear is I’m going to have too many plays,” Gruden said with a laugh. “That’s always been a thorn in my side, even in Cincinnati. I had too many plays. Hopefully, I can taper it back and find plays that work instead of just having too many.”

“I anticipate Robert will be in there watching tape quite a bit and will have some ideas for us also, that we’ll use or not use,” Gruden continued.

Gruden believes it’s important to make sure RG3 becomes a balanced player.

“If you turn him into a pocket passer, people will say, ‘Hey he’s not a pocket passer, you should run him more.’ If you run him more and he gets hurt – ‘Aw, goddang, we’re getting him killed. He’s never going to make it,’” Gruden said with a smile and roll of the eyes. “You have to balance that. You have to find ways to best suit his talents. I think it all starts – and I keep saying it – in these OTAs, where we get to know him, both mentally and physically and see what he can and can’t do.”