Jay Cutler willing to take less money to stay with the Bears

During his weekly appearance on The Jay Cutler Show, Chicago bears quarterback Jay Cutler indicated that he’d be willing to take a pay cut to stay in Chicago.

“I’m not gonna try to break the bank,” Cutler said.

The discussion came as a result of Cutler’s co-host Tom Waddle suggesting the quarterback take a veteran-minimum type of salary in his new deal.

“What kind of discount we talkin’?” Cutler asked.

Waddle replied, “50 percent off.”

“Ah, c’mon,” Cutler said, laughing. “We can talk like 5 or 10 (percent off), but 50? This isn’t a going-out-of-business sale.”

After the jokes, Cutler revealed he’s thought about taking less money in a new deal because as a seven-year veteran, the quarterback has already earned plenty of money.

“I want to be on a successful team, and I know that paying one or two or three players premium (salaries) hurts your chances of being able to bring in extra talent,” Cutler said. “So when we get there, we’ll figure it out.”

As much as most people don’t like Cutler because of the way he’s carried himself over the course of his NFL career, you have to tip your hat to a guy that’s willing to take less money to stay with a team.