Jay Cutler wants to stay in Chicago, says he might hold out

Photo by Squared B
Photo by Squared B

According to CSN Chicago,  Bears quarterback Jay Cutler told ESPN 1000 that he would love to re-sign with the Bears after this season and continue his career in Chicago.

“I would like to stay in Chicago,” Cutler said. “I’d be surprised if they kind of broke up the group they we have on offense. I want to stay here. … The longer that we can stay together as a group, the better we’re gonna be.”

Cutler wouldn’t mind if the Bears place the franchise tag on him.

“If they want to franchise me I’m gonna feel good about the situation we’re in,” he said. “We’re gonna be in our second year of the offense with these guys, we’re gonna be better, I’m gonna be better so it’s not personal. It’s business.”

Cutler made it clear he might hold out.

“You just don’t show up for a little while,” he said, then admitted, “but everybody at some point comes back to work, right? I’m not just gonna not show up. I might miss a few OTA’s and maybe go on an extra vacation, but at some point I’m gonna be back there.”



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