Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall could see career years in 2013

Brandon Marshall put up the best numbers of his career in 2012. Now, in a west coast offense, Marshall will fit in the Bears’ scheme even better. Bears QB Jay Cutler should also thrive in the team’s new system.

New Bears head coach Marc Trestman developed his west coast scheme in San Francisco. Trestman knows how to effectively use a quarterback’s arsenal. The greatest receiver of all-time, Jerry Rice had some the best years of his career under Trestman. Webster Slaughter also saw the best year of his career with Trestman as his offensive coordinator. Brandon Marshall should also become another benefactor of Trestman’s scheme.

Marshall has eclipsed the 1,000 yard receiving mark in each season of his career besides his rookie campaign. Marshall recorded 1,508 yards of receiving last season, which was also his first year being reunited with Jay Cutler.

Marshall and Cutler both had arguably the best years of their career in a west coast offense. Mike Shanahan was their coach then, and he got his system from Marc Trestman. It’s a big win-win situation for Cutler and Marshall.

Marshall won’t face as many double teams in the west coast offense, his production will go through the roof in 2013. Cutler will be getting the ball out of his hands very quickly, making for a lot of short high percentage passes. Marshall is very good in yards after the catch situations.

Brandon Marshall was built for a west coast offense. He’s a strong receiver, he can easily escape press coverage. He explodes off the line with great quickness and agility.

Cutler and Marshall are both familiar with the system, and the genius of Trestman will be there to guide them along the way. The Bears offense could very well be deadly in 2013.

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