Jaws: I would have stayed with McCown over Cutler

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski was a guest on Mike and Mike in the Morning on Friday and was asked if he what he thinks about the Bears going back to Jay Cutler now that he’s healthy.

“I personally would have stayed with McCown.  I think he’s playing very very well. And I have great respect for Jay Cutler and his arm talent and all the ability he has.  But as I watch this Bears offense under McCown,  I get the impression that more is being done in the pre-snap phase.  Now we’ll never factually how the audibles are being called at the line of scrimmage and what changes are made.  But you get the impression that when you watch McCown run the offense he’s doing a lot more at the line of scrimmage.  And they’re running into optimum plays against the defense and it has certainly helped them.”

Jaws also went on to say that teams win in the NFL when they don’t turn the ball over.  Unlike Cutler,  McCown hasn’t been turning the ball over.