Jaws: Matt Flynn’s arm strength limitations are “evident”

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski believes that Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn’s arm strength problems are very clear.

After breaking down Matt Flynn’s NFL game tape, ESPN’s Ron Jaworski came away discouraged by his arm strength and believes the Raiders will have to “manipulate” Flynn with “pass concepts and playcalling.”
Flynn is No. 32 in Jaws’ 2013 Quarterback Countdown. “The more throws I watched, the more his arm strength limitations were evident,” Jaworski said. “… In fact, I was concerned that his few deep balls lost energy at the back end. They had a tendency to die.” Jaws suggested Flynn “needs” an effective play-action passing game to be successful, which isn’t dissimilar from Matt Cassel.

At some point this season, I really believe rookie Tyler Wilson will take over as the Raiders starter.  Terrelle Pryor will never be an NFl starting quarterback and sadly enough Wilson will give them the best chance to win.



  1. Bobby Black says

    Who cares what Jaws thinks! He has in it for the Raiders since they whipped his arse in the Super Bowl ages ago. Get over it!

  2. Vic says

    Matt Flynn will be just fine in Greg Olson’s offense. Tyler Wilson will be the future when his time comes, whenever that is.

  3. Frank says

    Who cares what Matt Flynn or Tyler Wilson does? The last time we had a good quarterback was when Rich Gannon was behind center. And what made him so good? He could extend plays with his legs. Neither of the above will do that.

  4. says

    As a 56 year old lifetime Raiders fan I say you guys get ready for Tyler Wilson THIS YEAR! In case you haven’t checked them out, look at his junior year stats which are off the charts good. He got thrown under the bus for his senior year stats which were better than most other QBs, just not as good as the previous year, and we are talking about playing in the SEC, the undisputed toughest conference in NCAA football at the present time. Just keep in mind he had no coach with any working brain cells (can you say John L. Smith) last year due to the Petrino fiasco, and also lost 3 great receivers to the NFL. This kid is no wuss and will stand in the pocket and take a hit if needed to complete a pass and bounce right back up ready to go, and his scrambling ability is not that bad. He is the Future AND THE FUTURE IS NOW! GO SILVER AND BLACK!

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