Jaws: Jake Locker has a “long way to go”

According to Rotoworld.com, ESPN’s Ron Jaworski believes that Titans quarterback Jake Locker  has a “long way to go.”

After studying Jake Locker’s game tape, ESPN’s Ron Jaworski came away believing Locker still has a “long way to go” to become a successful NFL quarterback.


Ranked 31st in Jaws’ QB Countdown, Locker displayed suspect awareness in terms of reading defenses, poorer accuracy on movement throws than expected, and a startling proneness to getting sacked. “While Locker has often been talked about as throwing well on the run, a careful look at all his throws reveals that he is erratic with both his clarity and his accuracy,” Jaws stated. “What really stood out in evaluating Locker was the number of sacks he took that resulted from pressure outside the box, especially from the slot.” Jaworski concluded by saying, “if (Locker) does not throw with more consistent accuracy, he will always struggle to become a quality NFL starter.”

Not only does Locker need to play better, but he needs to figure out how to stay healthy so he actually play a full 16-game regular season.


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