Jaws has Eli Manning as the 8th best NFL quarterback

eli manning

Ron Jaworski of ESPN has Giants quarterback Eli Manning ranked as the 8th best quarterback heading into the upcoming season.

“After a 2012 season in which he was not quite as consistent in some areas and other quarterbacks improved, I have dropped Manning to No. 8. But there’s no question he remains one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, capable of big-time throws in critical situations,” Jaworski said, via Giants.com.

“While Manning is not No. 1 on my board, there’s no question as he enters his 10th NFL season, he’s a high-level quarterback with all the skills I look for. Manning plays the position the way it needs to be played to be successful. It starts from the pocket. I talked last year about Manning’s improvement in progression reading. One area he doesn’t get enough credit is the pre-snap phase of the game.”

“In this era of defensive innovation and evolving and challenging schemes, the ability to control the game at the line of scrimmage is a critical attribute. Manning is outstanding at that.

“Manning has reached the point in his career where we no longer need to discuss his play on an annual basis. He’s a steady, consistent, top-level NFL quarterback. He’s smart, he’s aware, and he can handle a high volume of offense. There are not many better quarterbacks than Eli Manning.”

I believe the 8th spot is a fair for Eli.  While he can be inconsistent at times, he still might be the most clutch quarterback in the NFL.  But he doesn’t put up the stats that Aaron Rodgers does on a weekly basis.



  1. Keith says

    Yeah well Rodgers get’s to throw the ball 1st 2nd and 3rd downs and his best WR isn’t undrafted FA since Nicks was hurt all year and next was a rookie. The O-line was horrible and Nicks was banged up all year and Kevin Killdrive calling the plays really screws Eli.

    He is still a top 5 QB every year he switchs out WR’s and still gets it done. Plaxico Shockey Toomer Steve Smith Kevin Boss Nicks injured last year and Bennett is now gone.

  2. Art says

    Get real, Jaws He’s a two time Super Bowl champ and the best two minute quarterback in the league. How many two time champs are there in the league?

  3. GBk says

    Eli Manning at 8 is not “fair” in any way shape or form. Jaws putting Eli, a 2x SBMVP at 8 is an absolute SH!tshow. Pathetic!

    I had Cowboys and Eagles fan buddies who came up to me saying Jaworski’s ranking Eli at 8 is full on trolling and done from someone who obviously does not watch game tape as closely as he claims to. Exactly!

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