Jaws: Cam Newton needs to improve his accuracy

cam newton

According to Rotoworld.com, after watching film of Panthers quarterback Cam Newton,  ESPN’s Ron Jaworski said that he needs to improve his accuracy this season.

After studying Cam Newton’s 2012 game tape, ESPN’s Ron Jaworski came away concerned Newton’s accuracy may prove an obstacle in the way of Newton becoming an elite quarterback.

Jaws did acknowledge Cam “improved as the season progressed,” but observed on tape that Newton “was far too erratic with his accuracy, too scattershot” and “must become more precise” with “better control (of) his throws.” Jaworski still called Newton “one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL,” and a “big-time arm talent.”
It was great to see Newton get better as the season went on, but he must carry everything over to this season.


  • Paco Martinez

    THERE he goes A-G-A-I-N!
    Almost word for word what ‘Jaws” said regarding Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler!!
    Off target, throws scatter something…. oh here it is:
    “was far too erratic with his accuracy, too scattershot”

    Hey Ron Jerkwolski lay off the booze & you don’t have to repeat the same criticism 32 times or 64 times once for each qb and back up.

    Why can’t you just leer at the QB’s girlfriend like our good ol’ Brent Musk-beer-ger.?
    I remember where Musk-beer-ger got his statement regarding the gorgeous young lady with her man (QB Mizou?)
    From ‘Dumb and Dumber” script:
    Harry: You know, Lloyd, if we just show some class here—we’ll be in like Flynn”
    Lloyd: “Oh, look at the fun bags on that hose-hound…..”

    Stay sober Jerkwolski.

    Oh, this just in….

    Mark Sackchez says,



    I’m a baaaad man.