Jaws: Aaron Rodgers is the number one quarterback in the NFL

Getty Images

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski has officially named his number one quarterback in the NFL and without any surprise he chose Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.

Jaworski pointed out that Rodgers displays great velocity and accuracy with his throws.

“Very few quarterbacks in NFL history have had Rodgers’ exceptional combination of velocity and accuracy, elite arm strength and pin-point ball location,” Jaws said on ESPN. “One critical measure of high-level play is the ability to execute versus the blitz. … He was outstanding beating the man coverage that you primarily see with blitz. Again, a function of his accuracy, or as I’ve said many times, ball location.

“… There’s a larger, more significant issue that speaks to Rodgers’ greatness. He can beat the defense even when the defense wins, whether it’s blitz or a three-man pressure with eight in coverage. … Again, the ability to drive the ball on the move down the field, that’s a rare trait.”

I’d be shocked to find anyone that disagrees with Jaws.

Thanks to NFL.com for the quotes.