Jason Worilds’ chances of staying in Pittsburgh don’t seem good

Scott brown of ESPN.com doesn’t like Jason Worilds’ chances of re-signing with the Steelers this offseason.

I don’t like them if he hits the open market unless the Steelers are willing to pay more than they probably would like to retain the fourth-year veteran. It would be ideal for the Steelers to sign Worilds before March 11 but if you are in his position why not let the market set his price, especially if there is a dearth of pass-rushers in this free-agent class? Worilds has said he wants assurances that the Steelers view him as a long-term starter at outside linebacker. While general manager Kevin Colbert can’t make any guarantees as far as his role on the team Worilds will know how highly the Steeler think of him by how much they are willing to pay to keep him off the open market.

I think it comes down to the fact that the Steelers can’t afford to re-sign Worilds and keep LaMarr Woodley.

As much sense as it would make to dump Woodley,  they can’t because it would hurt their salary cap.

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    Explain how it would hurt the cap to cut Woodley after june 1st!
    Another uninformed writer!