Jason Witten thought Bill Parcells was going to cut him over eating a hot dog

jason witten

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten told the Shreveport Times that he thought Bill Parcells was going to cut him back in 2006 when he decided to eat a hot dog during halftime of a preseason game against the Saints.

“It was raining, and I had played most of the first half, catching a touchdown pass, and we were beating the Saints pretty good,” Witten said. “I figured I was finished at halftime, because starters usually didn’t play that much in preseason games. I walked under the stadium and saw the most beautiful hot dog you’ve ever seen. I dressed it all up with mustard, and ketchup and relish — then I was in mid-bite when coach (Bill) Parcells walked in.

“I felt about this big,” he said spreading two giant fingers. “I didn’t figure I’d play another game as a Cowboy.”

Parcells may have done some unconventional things as a head coach, but he wasn’t dumb enough to release one of the NFL’s best tight ends.