Jason Witten blames offensive woes on a lack of execution over play calling

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he believes the Cowboys’ offensive problems from this past season stem from a lack of execution and not play calling.

“I think more’s been made of that than probably needs to be as far as a player’s perspective just because it’s all about execution for us,” Witten said. “We’ve got to execute those plans better. We’ve got good plays, and we’ve got some good players, but we’ve got to do a good enough job of executing time and time again. That’s where I focus is on as players, I think, and that’s where it needs to be moving forward.”

Witten says they need to put themselves in better positions.

“We just need to do a better job of scoring and taking care of the ball collectively and not putting ourselves in those situations where we’re having to come from behind,” Witten said.

I agree with Witten, but I also believe poor play calling can play a role.

  • http://gravatar.com/michaelkneitel michaelkneitel

    Coaches come up with the plays that are deigned to the strength of their players. How stupid can you be as a coach to come up with a scheme your players can’t possibly execute. Moreover, what moron calls plays on blitz happy defenses that rely on pass protection when you have an offensive line as useful as a screen door on a submarine? That coach is Jason Garrett! take a bow Jason. Romo can only be as good as the players around him. When he has to run for his life because there is no pass protection or when they can’t run the ball because run blocking is ineffective-the coach (Jason Garrett) needs to change his game plan. Garrett has illustrated that he doesn’t adapt well and when other teams run up points on the scoreboard and everything else fails-just let Tony sling the ball and cross our fingers it doesn’t come back the other way. Play calling, execution, analyzing film, and putting your players in the optimum position to win each and every week-that’s what a Head Coach is for.