Jason Garrett wants his receivers to understand the Pythagorean theorem

jason garrett

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett apparently wants his receivers to brush up on their knowledge of the Pythagorean theorem.

“It’s an important thing to understand…If you’re running straight from the line of scrimmage, six yards deep, that’s a certain depth. It takes you a certain amount of time, but if you’re doing it from 10 yards inside and running to that same six yards, that’s the hypotenuse of that right triangle. It’s longer. So they have to understand that it takes longer to do that. That’s an important thing. Quarterbacks need to understand that, too. If you’re running this route from here to get to that spot, it’s going to be a little longer, you might need to be a little fuller in your drop…We talked about Pythagoras. It’s been going for the last few days.”


H/T Deadspin

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