Jason Garrett wants DeMarcus Ware to practice more next season

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett made it known that he would love to see defensive end DeMarcus Ware practice more next season.

“He’s missed a lot of practice time over the last couple of years because of all these injuries, and that’s something that really can impact a player, even a player of his caliber,” said Garrett at the Senior Bowl via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “You need to practice.”

Garrett wants Ware to get back to playing upto his potential.

“You need to make sure you have the skills necessary to play your best come Sunday, and he’s done an amazing job from a mental and physical toughness standpoint of playing in these games,” Garrett said. “We’ve got to get him to the point where he’s healthy and he can practice and he can get himself ready to play the way he’s capable of playing.”

Garrett also admitted that Ware does a good job of playing and fighting through injuries.

“He’s always done an amazing job fighting through those things, doing what he can do to get himself to Sunday,” Garrett said. “And I think if we can get him to a point where he is healthy throughout the season, you’ll see similar production to what he has had throughout his career.

“One of the amazing things about him is he’s missed very little time, and for a guy who’s been such a marked man for so long, plays week in and week out, been as productive as he’s been, for him to miss his first games this year in a long, long time, is really, really impressive. Now, having said all of that, we’ve got to get him healthy. We’ve got to get him right. We’ve got to make sure he’s physically capable of doing what he’s doing. I know he’s started that process already. This offseason is important for him.”

The fact of the matter is that Ware will be turning 32 years-old this July.  He’s not getting any younger.

  • Anonymous

    Yea it takes a stupid coach to say that about a player who tend to try and play through injuries.He should have also said that he wanted Mr Sean Lee the so called quarterback of the defense that he wants him to play a full season and stop quitting on your defense when things are bad. It just se3em that the Dallas Cowards does not have the skiled,talented,smart and physical players they need to win.But the stupid fanbase will keep believing and supporting that team because they believe that they are sticking with their team regardless of the outcome.

  • Anonymous

    You misspell some words but I understand were you are going.The fans do need to send the message that they paid to see a winning team on the field,so if those fans stop supporting the Cowboys merchandise and going to that stadium I believe Mr Jerry JONES will move out of the way and start listening to the fans.

  • Anonymous

    I agreed 100%