Jason Garrett unhappy with how the Cowboys practiced on Saturday

jason garrett

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett made it obvious that he wasn’t happy with the way his team practiced on Saturday.

“It wasn’t as good as it needs to be,” Garrett said, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “The standard for a walk-through is high. Just because you are walking through, and it’s not a full-speed practice, you have to be into it mentally. You have to be sharp. We understand as coaches we are putting a lot of stuff in every day. We anticipate mistakes. That’s why we go through a walk-through. You clean things up. I just think overall the concentration was only OK. It’s got to be better.”

Garrett doesn’t want to hear any excuses from his team.

“I don’t really care about what the explanation is or what the excuse is,” Garrett said. “We’ve just got to do it better.”

It’s a good thing the Cowboys still have a week before their first preseason game.