Jason Garrett on Tony Romo: “He doesn’t seem overly comfortable”

tony romo

We mentioned earlier that the Cowboys still consider Tony Romo day-to-day with a herniated disk in his back.

Head coach Jason Garrett also told reporters that Romo doesn’t look very comfortable.

The good news is that it’s only Wednesday and  Romo still has a few days to see if the epidural injection he recently underwent will help.



  1. Joe Regan says

    Standard Cowboy nonsense. Biggest game of the season – win or go home. Now, we hear about Romo hurting. Sounds like he just doesn’t want to be responsible for the inevitable blowout. I guess Kitna gets to shoulder this one. Jerry Jones needs to go, along with Garrett and most of all – Romo needs to go. We need a real owner who will hire a real coach, sign the checks and cheer ’em on. Most of all – leave ’em alone. Play football for 60 minutes, stop hiring whiners like TO and Bryant and remember that interceptions do hurt you. You can’t just throw into double coverage and triple coverage and expect your receiver to come out on top. Pressure has never been Romo’s strong point. As fans, we are doomed to waste season after season hoping for a change. Come on, trade Romo and get to rebuilding so we get another Super Bowl sometime this century.

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