Jason Garrett says lack of turnovers led to Rob Ryan being fired

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett says the main reason defensive coordinator Rob Ryan was fired is because they didn’t force enough turnovers on defense this past season.

“The Bears had 44 takeaways. We had 16. That’s 28 more opportunities with the ball,” Garrett said Tuesday at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. “Give me some of those 28 opportunities. That’s something that we really sat back and thought a lot about, had a lot of discussions about – what’s the best way to try to achieve that, and then, ‘OK, you want to do that, now who are the guys who can help implement that?’ ”

Garrett is excited they brought in Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli.

“We feel great about Monte and Rod, added to the other the guys on our defensive staff who we really like,” Garrett said. “And then similarly we have to do the same kinds of things on offense. Let’s address some of the things that we think we can get better at with these staff moves. And that’s certainly why we’re here.”


  1. Brian says

    The offensive play calling should be left for the offensive coordinator from the press box who can make the adjustments by the 2nd qtr./halftime. If Jerry thinks Romo can improve his TD,Interception ratio, he better look at the line and for a split back formation on all shotgun plays….. this will provide more time in the pocket to read the receiving/running back routes. Jerry, I’m available to help this team! BC.

  2. says

    I am so glad Jerry is bringing the 4-3 back I never thought the Cowboys were really any good at the 3-4. All the old Cowboy teams played the 4-3 and I just felt the 3-4 was just another Bill Parcells pipe dream like all of his Coaching at Dallas. The man wasn’t a coach he threw fits with the players especially kickers but really everyone and was very rude to his own coaches. The man might have been able to be a good scout but that is about all he could do.

    Now let me say a word about Jerry he has been hopeless about evaluating the talent of coaches after Jimmy Johnson left and he has no idea how to spend money he always over pays players for their talent and winds up in trouble especially now with the cap reduced. If these big changes he is making blow up in his face this time he will prove himself to be the second coming of Al Davis not that he hasn’t already become the laughing stock of the NFL and unfortunately his family as well.

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