Jason Garrett now open to giving up play-calling duties

About a week ago, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett wasn’t open to  giving up his play-calling duties.

I’m sure Garrett had a nice little talk with owner Jerry Jones because now he’s changed his mind and is open to bringing in an offensive coordinator to call plays.

“We would just talk it through,” Garrett said of a potential discussion with owner Jerry Jones during an appearance on KRLD-FM on Wednesday, per ESPNDallas.com.

“Again, line one for me in the position that I’m in is, ‘What’s best for the Dallas Cowboys’ in every way, shape or form, however we’re doing.’ Anything and everything is on the table.”

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports says if the Cowboys are going to bring in a play-caller, they’d likely try to hire Norv Turner first.



  1. Wags33 says

    If this is the “Change” that Jerry P.T. Barnum is referencing (bringing in a Offensive Coordinator),,, B-F-D!!! I like the idea of his changing the dishes and silverware in the cafeteria to plastic!!! Garrett has to Go that’s “Change” and about the only hopeful change we could expect since Barnum won’t hire a new General Manager!!! This move is only intended to have Steve Martin Guess your Weight once again (view the movie “The Jerk”)…..

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