Jason Garrett won’t have any problems handing over the offense to Scott Linehan

jason garrettCowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted over the weekend that head coach Jason Garrett never actually handed the offensive play-calling over to Bill Callahan last season.

“Jason was really your coordinator last year,” Jones said. “That’s a fact. That was one of the issues. It was unfair to Bill. But it was the offense that [Garrett] had had since [he] had got there and it was very difficult. That’s why we had such a tough time articulating it early. That’s why we made some of the switches we made during the middle of the season.”

 Jones reiterated that the plan was to have Callahan call the plays in 2013.

“That wasn’t the plan,” Jones said. “Going into training camp, going into [organized team activities], going into that period of the time, the plan was for Bill to ultimately be the play-caller with Romo executing it.”

Jones doesn’t believe Garrett will have a hard time handing over the reigns to Scott Linehan.  And it sounds like Garrett agrees.

“We feel like philosophically we are on the same page,” Garrett said of his compatibility with Linehan. “We’ve worked together. We’ve worked well together. I understand what he’s trying to get accomplished, how he works day to day, how he calls a game. So for a lot of reasons, we felt this was a really good fit for us.”


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