Jason Garrett agrees that they need to feed Dez Bryant

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants to get the ball to Dez Bryant more and head coach Jason Garrett agrees,  according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“The other night, we were not,” said Garrett when asked if he was satisfied by how many looks Bryant got. “I think he got two. Typically, he’s gotten many more than that, and I think his production speaks for itself that way. But he’s one of those players you want to make sure you give him chances.”

The crazy thing is that Bryant was only targeted twice the entire game.
“Dez is, I think, targeted as much as anybody on our team,” Garrett said. “I know he and Witt are the ones who are typically targeted as much as anybody, and for obvious reasons. He’s a play-making type player for us and has been, so you want to make sure you give him chances, and we have to make sure we do that week in and week out. And one of the issues in the game the other night is we just didn’t have as many snaps as we typically do. They had over 80 and we had just north of 40, so that limits your opportunities. Having said that, he’s one of those players you need to try in every way you can to get the ball in his hands and we’ll continue to try to do that.”