Jason Avant: Patrick Peterson isn’t a shutdown corner

Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant doesn’t care how many interceptions Patrick Peterson has or how many Pro Bowls he’s been too because Avant doesn’t believe he’s a shutdown corner since he thinks there aren’t any at all in the NFL.

“There’s no shutdown corners in this league,” said Avant via CSNPhilly.com. “That’s just the honest truth. There are very, very, very good players and he’s a very, very good player and that’s just what you have.

“But in this league, with all of the rules and all of the things that that can transpire when the quarterback is accurate, there is no one that can literally be lock down. He’s in the top two or three best, but there’s still no lock down.”

Avant’s points are well taken, but the fact of the matter is that there are great corners like Peterson in the NFL that can take a receiver out of any given game because of their talent.  So the belief that there aren’t anymore shutdown corners is wrong.

Week in and week out we see players like Peterson,  Joe Haden and Richard Sherman make guys like Andre Johnson and A.J. Green disappear for a week.



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