Jarvis Jones has been watching old film of Joey Porter

Steelers second-year linebacker Jarvis Jones says he’s been watching film of former Pittsburgh linebacker Joey Porter.

“Last year I was always (rushing) outside, outside, outside rather than going inside,” Jones told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I didn’t start to go inside until near the end of last year. If they sit there and watch film and see you go outside all the time, they are going to jump you outside. They see I am going inside they now have to play both ways. You just can’t jump me off the line. Now you have to honor my speed up field and the inside.”

Jones has also learned a lot from Porter who is now a defensive assistant coach.

“He’s been a great help to me since Day 1 he has been here,” Jones said. “He is slowing the game down for me a whole lot as far as detail work and technique, hand placement, getting off the ball and reading keys and stuff like that. He is helping me become a great pass rusher.”

Jones believes he plays like Porter.

“When you go back and look at the film, we kind of play the same way,” Jones said. “He was very athletic – probably more athletic than me. I go back and watch film and some of the moves he made to add different things to my repertoire. What really works is when you get to see it and transition it into the game.”