Jared Veldheer gets second MRI on sore triceps

One of the lone bright spots on the Raiders offensive line is LT Jared Veldheer. Going in to the season many believe Veldheer could be poised for a Pro Bowl season. Veldheer has been very healthy over his three year NFL career and has never missed a game but according to a report he is now getting a second MRI on a sore tricep that has been nagging him throughout training camp.

Dennis Allen said at the time of the initial injury that it was just soreness. That soreness has not subsided and it had Veldheer out of practice Tuesday while he gets a second MRI to check again for damage.- Silverandblackpride.com August 13

Triceps brachii muscles are crucial to offensive lineman. It is the largest muscle in the upper arm (and the 6′ 8″ Jared Veldheer has very large arms) and the antagonist muscle to the bicep. What that means is that the two muscles work together to flex and extend the arm and an even distribution of work between the Triceps and Biceps could cause the muscles to compensate and cause even more damage to the arms and shoulders including fixator muscles and the scapula. The muscle is also a fixator for the elbow, crucial in creating separation during run blocking. The lateral head is also responsible for high intensity ¬†bursts such as the ever so important “punch” that you always here about for lineman. Essentially, a damaged triceps brachii muscle is a very scary injury for an Offensive Lineman to suffer and should be taken seriously. The Raiders can’t afford to rush Veldheer back. Rest is essential. If I’m Dennis Allen I shut him down for the remainder of the preseason.

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