Jared Allen believes the Vikings “old school” style will help them get back to the playoffs

Photo from Vikings.com
Photo from Vikings.com

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen told the “Dave Dameshek Football Program” that they can make it back to the playoffs by running the ball in 2013.

“I think for the simple fact that we have a guy like Adrian Peterson,” Allen said, via NFL.com. “You know, in this league, everybody wants to say it’s about the quarterbacks, it’s about the passing, because everybody passes, right? Well, I still believe there’s room for old-school football, where you can run the ball and you can control the clock, and especially late in the season, where you can wear teams down.”

Allen does admit they need better play from whoever their quarterback is.  Whether it’s Christian Ponder or a veteran like Matt Cassel.

“Yeah, we need consistent play out of the quarterback position,” Allen said. “We need to be able to throw the ball to open up the passing game … but to have that consistency, to be able to have a guy (Peterson) that you know can put 100 (yards) on you, and maybe 200 the way he ran last year … the opposing team’s game plan, they have to prepare (for) both.”

The Vikings were fortunate to make the playoffs last season.  They’re going to need more than luck to make it back since they do play in the NFC North.


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