James Harrison says he’s had double digit concussions

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison estimates that he’s experienced “double-digit” bouts with concussions over the course of his career.

In order to minimize the pounding his head takes, Harrison is now using CRT padding in his helmet to help absorb some of the force exerted on his head.

“I haven’t seen any spots or had any blackouts,” Harrison said.

“Harrison was the first NFL player to use the CRT padding developed by Unequal Technologies inside his helmet. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick began using a flak jacket lined with military-grade Kevlar during the 2010 season, but Harrison was the first player to put the quarter-inch padding in his helmet.

“He’s been joined around 100 players over the last 12 months and feels the extra weight (about 3-4 ounces) is worth the feeling of safety it provides,” wrote the AP.

The padding that he’s added makes his helmet weigh about a pound more, but he doesn’t mind.

“To protect my head I’d take a pound more,” Harrison said.

Harrison admits he’s played through concussion symptoms before, but as his career winds down he wants to be more cautious.

“If something works, I’m going to use it,” he said.

Harrison might be on to something with the CRT padding, it could ultimately be something that helps eliminate or drastically minimize concussions.


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