James Harrison says he let up on Michael Vick so he wouldn’t get fined

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison told 105.9 in Pittsburgh (via ProFootballTalk.com) that he was worried about hitting Michael Vick in the head during yesterday’s game, so he altered the way he tackled him.

“I was nervous. I thought he might duck his head, and I might hit him, and I can’t take no fines,” Harrison said. “I was worried more about the fine. . . . If at the last second he ducks his head, ducks down and we make helmet-to-helmet contact, it’s the fault of the defender.”

It’s interesting that Harrison all of a sudden cares about getting fined.  He’s always been known to play reckless, but I guess after leading the NFL in helmet-to-helmet fines he’s ready to save some money and tackle the right way.