Jameis Winston hints he plans on playing another two years at FSU

jameiswinston.jpgFlorida State quarterback Jameis Winston spoke to reporters at the Manning Passing Academy and hinted that he just might wait until he gets his degree before he heads to the NFL.

“I’m not really worried about that,” Winston said regarding his dad’s comments this offseason. “I’m just focusing on the season right now, because this year is going to be one to remember.”

Winston stressed how important it is to him to get a degree.

“It’s very important to me. I was always raised as a student first and an athlete second,” Winston said. “I think that’s the main purpose in college. Some athletes lose that perspective. It’s about being a student-athlete, and not just getting that easy money and going to the league. Even if kids leave early, I would want them to come back and get that degree.”

Winston needs to stay in school as long as possible so he can work on his sloppy mechanics.  He won’t be able to run around in the NFL and make plays the way he does at FSU.


  1. will_50 says

    don’t know what Jameis Winston you have been watching, however, even if he needs to work on his sloppy mechanics, he is still a pocket passer and not a runner as you seen to imply. Winston doesn’t run around looking to make plays, he makes his plays from the pocket!

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