JaMarcus Russell’s NFL comeback derailed by weight gain

jamarcus russell

According to Black Sports Online,  JaMarcus Russell’s NFL comeback has been derailed by weight gain.

Russell hit his target weight after months of training and eating right, but he has had trouble keeping it down since dropping a total of 51 pounds. Russell has always been a big body and often eclipsed 300 pounds, so this will be a constant battle for him. In addition, Russell has also had issues with one of his knees. Russell has experienced swelling in the joint, and that has limited his ability to work out at full strength. It’s surely also a factor in the aforementioned weight gain.

Sadly enough no one is surprised that Russell had a hard time keeping him weight down.  I’m sure he’ll keep working hard at a comeback.  Not sure how far he will get.



  1. Anonymous says

    Russell had his best chance with the silver and black good luck to the young man but I feel it over for him but good luck keep trying who knows.

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