JaMarcus Russell weighed in at 267 pounds during his Bears workout

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, right now the Chicago Bears don’t have any plans of signing free agent JaMarcus Russell or the other two quarterbacks they worked out.  But Russell did weigh in at 267 pounds.

We recently reported that Russell is weighing 265.  So he seems to have leveled off a bit.




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    Ah, JaMarcus Russell Sha-Marcus Russell: He weighs 300 he weighs 265. You gotta respect the dude; what’ s he about 6’6″ or something. But, God bless him, his QB skills just aren’t there –he had a couple of YEARS to come alive and prove himself. Similarly, the QB at the Titans, Vince Young just couldn’t muster ‘it’ under pressure, live play situations,
    The NFL is a business first. If you can’t help your team win, you are outta there.

    So, hopefully all these fellows who are looking for work find work as a back up or practice squad. I know of ONE John David Booty who played QB at USC after Matt Leinhart and before Mark Sackchez. I thought John Booty was fine but the coaches for Vikings put him on the practice squad and when #4 Brett Favre came over, Booty was out the back door.

    It is funny when announcers talk about USC QB’s: They start with Carson Palmer, then Matt Leinhart, then Sanchez. (Never any mention of John David Booty at all).
    Oh, well. I’m just going to boycott the NFL this season: too much hair flowing out from under the helmets and too many tattoos–not my cup of tea…maybe i’ll watch the lingerie league.

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