JaMarcus Russell looking slim (Photo)

TEST Football tweeted out the photo below of JaMarcus Russell, he’s looking very slender.


  1. Anonymous says

    As a Raider fan I’ve seen Russell in action the man has talent just lacked leadership and was more concerned about playing his ps3. I hope he does well from here on then. Good luck to you JaMarcus.

  2. says

    Hey, man, congratulations on losing weight!! I’m a 300# former football player myself. Well, I guess the bottom line is: you’re slimmer, you have good cardio fitness. It’s a shame you had a bust in Oakland–showed very poor qb skills, poor passing, poor ball control.
    Those are most important, and it appears you don’t have them. Well, good luck and God bless you where ever you land.

  3. Anonymous says

    Being a Raider fan I hope personally he makes it back and succeeds. He was young drafted by a team that had a head coach that didn’t want him (Lame kiffin) and had bad wide receivers and an even worse offensive line mixed with bad play calling. with that arm and good coaching who knows what he could be.

  4. says

    I wish him the best. But I still fill he should have to go through the Raiders to play after he received all that money. It was not just the Raiders fought. He should have spoke up about his problems and he would received help. Players need to understand you cannot get the money and run. It has to stop They have to held accountable for their own actions. He has talent, now he has lost the weight, now he should redeem himself to the team who drafted him and paid the money!

  5. says

    Look at Seymour. He has said he want play unless the money is right. That is what has to change. These guys make plenty of money. They need to remember what playing the game for the game is. He was not worth what he got paid. That is why New England let him go, my opinion. They have to be held accountable. I am glad that Reggie cleaned house. Get back to respectability with players who want to play Raider football.

  6. says

    LB Bishop, is he a player or is he for the money. If he is a player then go to the Raiders, make a good living and play some football for the best fan base ever, Raider Nation!

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