Jairus Byrd not on being actively shopped, but Bills will listen to offers.

According to Bills’  GM Doug Whaley Safety Jairus Byrd isn’t actively being shopped however they would listen to offers.

“Our focus right now is Jairus getting on the field and playing the best he can for the Buffalo Bills,” Whaley said Thursday, per The Associated Press. “We are not actively on the phone hammering out trying to look for a trade. By the same token, (team president) Russ Brandon would listen if someone wanted to trade.-NFL.com

Jairus Byrd and the Bills have been in a contract dispute some time since slapping him with the franchise tag and it may be smart for the Bills to try to get something for him before he leaves in free agency.


  1. Era says

    Though the Bills have somewhat of a history of trading away talent to save some money, this is a case where I for one, am for a trade. I can’t blame Byrd for wanting a better payday, but I think he believes he is worth more than he is. He is a “good” DB , but in my opinion, not worth what so many think he is. He has handled this disagreement in a childish way, and I say dump him if you can. Let some team with that kind of money to waste take a good player , at an elite price tag. My guess, I think you’ll find, that where ever he ends up, will wind up trading him somewhere else, then somewhere else,then somewhere else…then gone from football within 3 years,either that, or the team that gets him will end up paying off his contract after he’s gone. He’s had 1 really good year. I ask you, is he worth what he wants? Would your team pay it?

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