Could the Jaguars trade Justin Blackmon?

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan has already admitted that he should have started to clean house earlier.

“Obviously, if you’re a Jaguars fan, we want to do better,” Khan said, via the Florida Times-Union. “But we know the process we started, which is pretty much starting from the ground up, cleaning house and doing something … we probably should have started earlier.”

This leaves me to wonder;  could the Jags decide to trade away a big-time player like Justin Blackmon to speed up the rebuilding process?

Former NFL general manager Scott Pioli told Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that be believes Blackmon could end up being moved before the trade deadline, per

The only problem is that since Blackmon has gotten in trouble with the NFL for substance abuse  he could be facing a very stiff penalty if he gets into anymore trouble.  I’m not sure  sure if a team like the Colts and Falcons would be willing to take that risk even though they could use Blackmon.



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