Jaguars fans create anti-Tebow website

tim tebowThis week has been flooded with Tim Tebow news.

We’ve had fans sign a White House petition for president Obama to force the Jaguars sign to Tebow.

Then a Florida attorney posted a video online pleading with the Jags to sign Tebow.

Now some Jaguars’ fans want to make it clear that they don’t want Tebow.  Bold City Brigade, which is considered a Jaguars new-age booster club started a website called site is referring to the words of general manager David Caldwell that they won’t be signing Tebow.

“I can’t imagine a scenario where he’d be a Jaguar, even if he’s released,” Caldwell said Jan. 10, per

As of right now the site has received 522,073 clicks.  I’m sure that number will continue to climb.

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